Kothrud And Sangavi (Pune)

Lately, a few patients have noticed that others in the IV room are getting an interesting treatment whereby their own blood is being re-infused after treatment with ozone gas.  Inevitably, the interest of seeing a patient’s own blood, instead of the B-vitamin rich yellow fluids most people see, sparks conversation.  The patient getting the ozone treatment, called major autohemotherapy, then proceeds to explain how after the first treatment, energy and mood started to improve noticeably, and then further into the course of 6-10 treatments the chief complaint (usually of recurrent infections, fatigue, muscle/joint pain, or allergies) improves.   Inevitably though, the mechanisms of the treatment aren’t always explained by the patient because they don’t understand it themselves completely.

Therefore, this newsletter will give an abbreviated description of the mechanism in the manner that I describe to patients.  With the mechanism, the diseases and complaints treated then become easily apparent.

In medicine, the paradigm has always been extremely linear.  The doctor makes a diagnosis based on symptoms and history, and then for each individual diagnosis there is an individual drug.  In naturopathic medicine, this linear method is important but it must be supported with non-linear thinking and treatments.  Basically, the non-linear components are cellular nutrition and cellular detoxification. If a cell has all the resources it needs, and is not impeded by toxins, healing can be greatly expedited.  Advanced, aggressive, interventional naturopathic treatments such as ozone treatments of the blood (cellular nutrition and detoxification) combined with chelation therapy (cellular detoxification) make an amazing treatment for chronic diseases; and when combined with diet and exercise, there is no better anti-aging program.

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